LoopBe1 - Internal MIDI Port

LoopBe1 - Internal MIDI Port 1.6

Transfers MIDI data between multiple programs
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1.6 (See all)
Manage music and sounds in the MIDI format. Import files from an editor to a playback module or vice versa, process them in dedicated design programs or integrate into a multimedia presentation. The program connects MIDI outports to compatible applications.

LoopBe1 - Internal MIDI Port is an internal MIDI device for transferring MIDI data between computer programs. It may be considered an "invisible cable" to connect a MIDI outport of an application to any other application´s MIDI inport. All MIDI data sent to the program´s output is channeled to the receiving applications in realtime.

You may connect up to 8 applications to LoopBe's inport and up to 8 applications to the outport, all sending and receiving at the same time.

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